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We are a website design agency focused on getting the best business results for companies from the digital presence.

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Rikan Tech team helps clients to grow by designing creative, unique and modern websites. We develop digital products and online experiences. Before building, we listen and learn what you really need.

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Rikan Tech was founded in 2013 and has worked with a lot of creditable clients ranging from companies to startups. You will have an influential online presence and engage with your customer. This is our promise to make


Formed in 2013, Rikan Tech is a full- service internet marketing company specializing in SEO, Email marketing and etc. We are on a mission to unleash your true search potential. Rikan Tech with an excellent history of performance makes us a dependable addition to any internal marketing program. Be a Google top with us!

About us

Rikan Tech is a web design company formed in 2013 in Urmia. Our team works to take market shares from your competitors, increase your brand quality and grow traffic from real customers. Each Rikan Tech team member specializes in researching, analyzing and delivering results. So with the most reliability of Rikan Tech, you can entrust your market to us!

We are an Urmia based full-service digital agency. Result is our main focus. We bring you up!

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